Cricket Batting Tips

Cricket Batting Tips

Follow these six cricket batting tips to improve your game

The best cricket batting tips should focus on technical ability and being mentally strong. Batsmen need to have good technical skills to execute a variety of shots and be able to stay mentally focussed for long periods so; cricket batting tips should cover these areas.

The following cricket batting tips will help players to keep the scoreboard ticking over and ensure that their time at the crease is effective and productive.

Keep eyes on the ball

This is one of the simplest but most important batting tips any player can receive. There may often be a lot of distractions on a cricket field but it is vital that a batsman focusses on every single delivery. Loss of concentration may result in giving up a cheap wicket to the opposition. While it may not always be easy to see the ball when it’s in the bowler’s hand, batsman should try to watch each delivery onto the bat by keeping their eyes on the ball the moment it has left the bowler’s hand.

Correct body position

A batsman will play more effective shots when they maintain a consistent body position. Before the bowler starts their run up, a batsman should always check their own body position making sure that they are standing side-on, leaning forward and on their toes in a balanced position.

One ball at a time

Another one of those simple but effective batting tips. A batsman should never be thinking about the next shot. They should play one ball at a time which will allow them to build a solid innings and get off to a good start. One bad shot in cricket and you are out, and it can be a long walk back to the pavilion.

Play to strengths

Playing to your strengths is applicable to every athlete no matter what the sport. And cricket is no different. Again, this is one of the most obvious batting tips but sometimes a batsman can become frustrated and start playing shots that they would not normally try. Try and stick to the shots that you know you can play well and get you the most runs. If you are a front foot player, try and play on the front and vice-versa if you are more comfortable playing on the back foot.

Be aware

While it is important to stay focussed on each delivery, a batsman should always be aware of the gaps in the field where runs can be scored. There will always be areas that can be exploited if the opposition fielders have been set up wrong or if a particular fielder is weak at catching or throwing. Each match will be different and if the opposition fielders are doing a good job of closing all the gaps then patience is required. Space awareness can be worked on during conditioned cricket batting drills.

Be patient

One of the most crucial batting tips for any player. As mentioned above, patience is a vital quality to develop as a batsman. A well set field or a bowler that is not giving away any cheap runs can frustrate a batsman. It is tempting to try and play a rash shot in order to kick start an innings but often this leads to an easy catch or the ball splitting the stumps. Cricket is like a large scale chess game and requires a calm train of thought; keep picking off the singles and doubles and the runs will build up.

Following these cricket batting tips will increase a batsman time in the middle and keep the run count ticking over.

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